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my new address

I made it official yesterday.  I'm moving to Canton with Richard Facey.  I really like the house, the other girl who lives there, the area, and everything about it.  I don't think being a 10-minute cycle ride away from a few people in Roath is going to kill my social life.  I'm actually aching for a night off from socialising!!!  So a little lull would be welcome anyway!  So anyway, here's my new address:

28 Clos Dewi Sant
CF11 9EW


I wish I was better at making decisions.  I had a hard enough time trying to decide what the subject of this post would be.  But I'm old enough now to realise that even a small decision can change the trajectory of your life and I always think that stupid question of "what if?"

Here are the facts of the situation:

-My lease ends on 31st August
-Although I've come to not hate this flat, I still do not want to live in it for another 6 months.  Hell no.
-Unless I want to become homeless or a perpetual couch-surfer, I must find somewhere else to live.
-So far only one place has come up

Okay, so that place is the one I told you all about a few weeks ago.  I went to see the house on Tuesday.  Here facts about the house:

-It's a good-sized bedroom (for the UK) plus another little room plus a bathroom.  All the facilities in the bathroom look good (no horrible electric shower or those stupid---why do they do it???---hot and cold taps as if nobody ever thought about mixing the hot and cold together.) All that would be mine for myself.

-Richard is a good laugh and I get on well with him.  Jenny is a girl who also lives there and she seems really lovely and like we would get on well.  They're both Cardiff born-and-bred as well, so they know the area and, also, Cardiffians seem generally really cool people.

-The shared rooms look great.  Good sized lounge, good sized kitchen, enough room for entertaining (i.e. crazy house parties!!), and a good sized "yard" i.e. paved-over garden.  And it's got a washer & dryer & dishwasher (not too shabby!!)

-Great location.  10-minute walk to town, 20-minute walk to the station.  Richard drives so he could give me lifts into work.  He also cycles so we could cycle together to work (45 minutes).  Lots of shops and pubs nearby.  But despite it's centrality (is that a word?) it's in a quiet area.

-Rent + bills would be roughly £435 (reminder, my rent ALONE here costs me £475)  So I'd be saving somewhere around £200 a month.  And considering I only take home about £1050, that's kind of a lot.

Okay so why am I still looking around and asking around for other places you wonder?  Well, it's simply because I've come to love Roath.  I'm telling myself how I'll be sure to come to love Canton as well.  But it's not just Roath the place, Roath the shops, Roath the atmosphere---it's Roath the PEOPLE.  I have a group of friends, y'all.  I have a group of friends and we all hang out all the time and have a great time and although it's early days (we've only been hanging out for a few weeks) I just have this image of the three of them all still getting together all the time and saying "Come along Adell!" and me having to say "sorry, I would but I can't make it over to Roath tonight" (it IS only 10-15 minutes on a bike...but I know come December when it's cold, rainy, and dark, that will seem like quite a barrier).

I mean, if nothing else comes up, or at least nothing else as tempting as Richard's house, then I'll be moving to Canton.  And that'll just have to be it.  But I'm still hoping that something will come along in Roath so I can stay here.  So I can keep doing the Juno Lounge pub quiz on Monday nights and rowing in Roath Park Lake with Bran on a sunny Saturday.

I think it's mostly because I had such a hard time the first few months in Cardiff and now I'm absolutely LOVING it, and so I just don't want anything to change too much.  I guess I'm kind of worried things will go back to being difficult, even though they probably won't.  And I'm a little bit nervous about living with people again.  It's been so long since I lived with random other people!

Anyway I'll be very surprised if any of you have actually read all this.  I'll stop rambling now.  I guess this is all rather pointless, because I'd be stupid not to move in with Richard as everything about it is awesome, and Canton is really cool too.  And I'm sure my new friends won't stop hanging out with me just because I live a bit further away.

I can't stop LAUGHING!!!!

Okay....so, as you might have seen on WhatsApp, I had an encounter with Tom.

This is the THIRD time since we broke up.  Two weekends ago when I was in Swansea for my friend's 30th, I saw him out on Saturday night at a club, and so my drunk-girl reaction was to flirt with EVERY guy in the club to make him as jealous as possible.  I then went to a barbeque the next day and he showed up.  I was sitting around laughing with everybody, he looked awkward.

So I could go on a bit more about that, but I've got somewhere to be, so I'm going to jump into the awesome story of what has happened THIS weekend:

Okay, so last night my friend Ashleigh---the one who went to the George concert with me, the one who let me stay with her the night Tom dumped me, the one who's been SUCH a good friend---rang me up to tell me what happened to her.  She said she was in Primark, standing in the queue to pay, and she noticed three guys standing behind her all with tacky girl clothes in their hands.  So she was looking at these girly clothes they had, but also looking at Tom because he seemed vaguely familiar to her.  (The only time they came close to meeting was when she picked me up from his house after he dumped me.  So she got a glimpse of him, but he had never seen her, so he had no idea who she was). Tom said something cheeky about "the girl in front of us is judging us for the clothes we're getting" and so she said something back about the fact they were buying girl clothes.  Apparently he then explained to her that they were going on a stag do in Cardiff this weekend and the clothes were for that.

It was then that she realised why she found him to be kind of familiar, and she asked "Are you a medical student?"
"Yeah" he replied.
"My friend used to go out with a medical student," Ashleigh said
"Oh yeah?  What was her name?"

At that Tom's entire face went bright red and he replied, "That was me."
"Oh, you're Tom!  I'm the girl in the pink car who came and picked Adell up from your house."
"Oh, you're Ashleigh"
"Yeah!" she said, smiling.
"How is Adell?" Tom asked, feeling very embarrassed and hoping his face didn't look as red as it felt.
"Oh she's doing sooooo well," Ashleigh said.  "She's having a great time in Cardiff, making loads of friends, she's really really happy."  A gracious thing for a girl to say to her best friend's ex-boyfriend, but also the plain and simple truth.

Apparently they went on to talk some more and he just kept on asking how is she how is she?  To which Ash kept replying how wonderfully I am doing.

So that happened yesterday.  So I was half-tempted to try to go out tonight in Cardiff, perhaps try to get my new friend Bran to come so if I bumped into Tom I could make him jealous...

No need!!!

Bran and I had planned several days ago to go out onto Roath Park Lake and go rowing.  Apparently it's what you do if you want to become a proper "Roatharian."  So I met up with him (after going out with him last night and staying out till 3a.m.......and that's after spending Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday evenings with him as well) and we hired a row boat and we're out there rowing in the sunshine having a good laugh.  I then glimpse a t-shirt that looks very familiar, the RadioHead t-shirt that Tom ALWAYS wears.  And then it hits me....it IS Tom.  I blurted out "Oh. My. Gosh." and he's already looking at me, having spotted me already.

Then blahblahblah niceties, the whole "how are you?" followed by a "I'm great.  How are you?" (he made sure to tell me he was doing really well, too) and he said "I met Ashleigh yesterday" and I said "Yeah, I hear you're dressing up like a girl tonight."  But anyway, none of that matters.  What matters is that he was out there on the lake with two guys.  Me, however....I was out there with Bran.  Just me and Bran.  Now, Bran and I are just friends.  Good friends, but still, just friends.  (((Believe me, we've been drunk together about 12 times in the past 3 weeks and we've never so much as held hands. This is something I could go on a tangent about, but I won't, because Bran is waiting for me to go over to his house to watch a film with him and I don't want to keep him waiting hehehe))) But as far as Tom knows, Bran's my new beau!!  I would have still felt smug even if Tom had been with a girl, because I was with Bran and Bran is tall dark and handsome.  But Tom wasn't with a girl.  He was with two dudes!

I was shaking with satisfaction!!!  I just can't imagine anything better happening, except maybe if Bran really WAS my new boyfriend (*sigh*) or if Bran looked like Tyson Beckford.  But aaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh it was just so perfect!!!!!!  And so I had to share!! hehehehehehehehe.  Brilliant.

Okay I'm gonna go watch a movie and eat pizza with my pal Bran.

One Cool Guy

Just thought I'd share one example of how awesome my new friends in Cardiff are.

This is a video made by my friend Luke when he went to Peru.  He's the blonde guy you'll see (and if you watch to the end, you'll see just how crazy good he is at rock climbing) and he went out there for a month basically to climb and to film it, and by turning it into a video for some people, he got to stay for free and eat for free.

I just thought it was mega cool because not only did he do something as amazing as going to the Andes to rock climb for a month, but he also knows how to make videos like this:



Can things get any better?  I don't know.  You tell me.  This has been what my week has consisted of:

Last Saturday:  Met with a friend from work, Dunia, who is Palestinian, and did a yoga class with her followed by swimming (she's not Muslim or anything, before you imagine a head-scarfed girl in a swimsuit).  Then we decided we were hungry so we got a sandwich from the delicious Madame Fromage and sat in the sunshine in the park for a couple of hours, just chatting.  Then we went and got a smoothie, followed by a coffee, and finally went and saw a movie together.  We spent the entire day together and it was lovely through and through!

Sunday: Didn't do much, but got to go to the big Tesco and get a bunch of food I wouldn't normally be able to carry all at once on foot because I had the company car over the weekend.

Monday:  Got to go to a networking event in Swansea which was actually really fun and worthwhile and it meant I was able to go back to my favourite cafe for lunch and the Italian woman in there remembered me and remembered how I like my sandwiches.

Then that evening, I met up with Misha, a friend from Swansea who was in Cardiff for the day.  She's a medical student and knows Tom quite well and made me feel SO much better by informing me that Tom has a bit of a track record of being totally infatuated with a girl, pursuing her as if he's sure she's his soul mate, going out with her for about 2 months, and then dumping her.  So it's not me!!!  He's just a jerk!!!

And after that, I went over to Tito's house and watched True Blood with him, since we found out we are both big True Blood fans!

Tuesday: Got to go out and about for work and drive all around the Valleys of Caerphilly and see a side of Wales I'd never seen before and meet lots of interesting contacts.  Also had a delicious lunch and since I was out of the office, it's paid for by work :-)  Then that evening I really enjoyed just chilling out at home on my own, especially knowing what lay ahead of me for the rest of the week...

Wednesday: Got to go out and about AGAIN for work, figuring out an outdoor activity we can do with the participants at our upcoming workshop next week.

Then in the evening......I had a date!  With a guy I met playing softball.  He's 29 and he's a TV producer.  He currently produces Dr. Who.  You know, that little TV show with a WORLDWIDE following?  Yeah.  He was nice.  Very gentlemanly.  He's from Cardiff.  Well travelled. Not bad looking either.  We made plans to meet up again...

Today:  Work was blah but I got an email about BEING A VOLUNTEER AT THE GYMNASTICS WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS in Antwerp!!!!!!!!  I immediately checked my calendar, saw that it was free, and booked the time off work.  All I have to do is get myself there, and after that my accommodation, food, and even the uniform we will wear is paid for!  I'm assigned to "logistics" which means helping to set up the apparatus for the podium training and competitions.  I'll be required to stick around during all the training and competitions to fix any faults that occur, which means I'll get to see every single competition, and the training!!!  I don't know if I'll get a chance to meet any of the gymnasts, but I may well be seeing them quite close up!  I still can't see straight when I think about the possibility of somebody like VIKTORIA KOMOVA, SIMONE BILES, ALIYA MUSTAFINA, KATELYN OHASHI walking right past me.  And oh my gosh if any of the Fab Five come within 100 feet of me I might faint.

And then, on top of that, I'm going in an hour or so to meet up with a guy from work, named Brân, who's going to show me around Cardiff and introduce me to some of his what he called "awesome" friends.  He also happens to be tall, thin, handsome, intelligent, and generally lovely, although he has a girlfriend so I can only have a crush on him, and no more.  But I still get to hang out with him tonight woo!

Friday:  Work, blah, whatever (by the way lately I have found that I LOVE my job, so even a blah day is enjoyable), then I'm meeting up with TV Producer Guy (Richard) and we're going to the comedy club down in the Bay.  So, date #2.  Should be good!

Saturday:  Going to a little beach called Porthcawl and riding horses with my equestrian-loving friend Ashleigh (the same one who went to the George concert with me), and after that I will head to Swansea to help my Canadian friend Emily celebrate her 30th Birthday!  Night out on the town in Swansea!  Woo!

Sunday:  Not definite, but I'm pretty sure I'll be in Swansea still and the weather is supposed to be PERFECT so I'll probably make my way down to the beach and get sunburnt while I recover from my hangover!

I don't know if it's because Cardiff has more going on, or because I'm single, but my social life hasn't been this good since I was an undergrad!  And, I could go on, because next week is filling up already too!  But I need to go get ready for my night with lovely Brân.  Just thought I'd share the reason for this ridiculously good mood I'm in!
Flight number BA2167
From Gatwick (London) Terminal N
To Tampa International (FL)
Depart 19 Nov 2013 12:55
Arrive 19 Nov 2013 17:45
Cabin World Traveller
Operated by British Airways
Booking status Confirmed

That's it!!  I booked a (NONSTOP!) one-way flight!





Just kidding :-(  Here's the (1-stop) return:

Flight number BA6965
From Tampa International (FL)
To O'Hare International (IL) (Chicago) Terminal 3
Depart 2 Dec 2013 12:45
Arrive 2 Dec 2013 14:35
Cabin Economy
Booking status Confirmed

Flight number BA0294
From O'Hare International (IL) (Chicago) Terminal 5
To Heathrow (London) Terminal 5
Depart 2 Dec 2013 17:05
Arrive 3 Dec 2013 06:45
Cabin World Traveller
Operated by British Airways
Booking status Confirmed

Still, I gotta say, flying to Tampa seems pretty easy compared to NOLA or Springfield!  Woo!

Cost was £467 (just £10 extra for the non-stop flight)

The George Concert

Thanks Mom for sorting out those tickets!!!  It was SOOOOOOOOOO worth it!  And I'm so glad that Tom broke up with me and so I took Ashleigh instead! I was thinking as I was sitting there rocking out to those old guys up on stage how different it would have been if it had been Tom sitting in the seat next to me, and it was definitely better with Ashleigh.  She's such a great girl, y'all!!  And we had a wonderful time!

So, first we went and picked up our tickets and then got a drink and went in.  We were very surprised to see how GOOD our seats were.  I was honestly expecting something right up at the back corner, but we were down near the front, in the middle, with a great view!  About 1/4 of the way into the show, George encouraged everybody to get up and dance.  At first I was too much of a wuss to do it because there were only about 6 or 7 guys up there, but then more people went up and I thought "life's short!" so we got up and went and danced.  At one point George was only 2 feet away from me and looked right at me, but at that point he didn't know who I was.

But I was really pleasantly surprised at how good the show was!  They put on a really entertaining show!  I guess I just thought a bunch of old guys would just be up there nodding their heads a bit, plucking at their guitars.  But there were lighting effects and big screens with videos and George himself is a great entertainer.  I also had a misconception that nobody really followed them, since it seems like every time I've ever mentioned in my entire life that George Thorogood is my cousin, I either get "who?" or "oh....I think I might have heard of him" as a response.  But St David's Hall was packed out!  And to give you an idea of what St David's Hall is like, Lady Gaga will be playing there in August.  And there were all these men singing all the words, and women just screaming for him!  Hahaha, it was cool!

Then after the show we went down to the front and met Jim Hutt.  (He says hello to you Mom, by the way!).  He is SUCH a nice guy!!!  He's this big guy who looks like he could pick up a house, and then he's so soft spoken and sweet.  He took us backstage and we got to meet a few of the other guys.  I think we met the saxaphonist?  No....the basist.  I dunno...one of the "Destroyers".  And I met some guy named Mike.  Mike was interesting.  He was from West Virginia but said he had done a lot of work in Mississippi.  He asked if I'd ever been to Clarkesdale, and I said yes, and he asked if I'd been to the Ground Zero bar, and so I said I had.  Well then he said "well a friend of mine owns that" and I said "oh....I thought Morgan Freeman owned that" and he said "yeah, well, Morgan's a friend of mine".  I then proceeded to do my best to be cool, but I so badly wanted to ask him if I could hang out with him and meet Morgan Freeman hahah.  But he works with Morgan Freeman on the work he does to try to improve the livelihoods of the people of the Delta.  So I started to get to chatting with him about the work *I* do trying to improve the livelihoods of the people in the impoverished parts of Wales, but then George was ready.

He didn't stick around for long, but he did comment on how pretty I was, because I look just like my beautiful mother (George also says hello, Mom!)  (Oh and he also told me to tell Doris that he's still spending all his money on clothes??)  But after chatting for about 90 seconds he was like "okay I'm going to go have a nervous breakdown now" and I said "WAIT!  I have to get a picture!" so we took a few photos.

And then it was all over.  And we went home and went to sleep!  But it was a thoroughly enjoyable experience.  Ashleigh really enjoyed herself too. 

Reason to be Cheerful #4

(Numbers 1, 2, and 3 are the big things like the fact I have so many people around me who may not always be immediately there in my life because geographically or time-wise they are not able to be, but when I need support they show me that they care, and my health ((well, it's been better, but I'm not dying)) and just the fact that, you know, life is beautiful and all that).

Number 4:  I sent out a big email at work just putting the word out that I'm looking for a new place to live in September.  Well this guy that sits across from me said that his housemate is moving out in August so there may be a room available.  I was dubious because this guy seems the type who might live in some cold damp cave-like place (he's a conservation officer that specialises in slugs and snails, and he kind of looks a bit like a slug too lol, so I imagined that he must live like a slug) but he showed me the house on Google streetview today, plus he had some photos of the inside, and I'm really really really hoping now that it works out!!!  It's in an area called Canton, which is a nice area.  It's on the wrong side of Cardiff for work, but it's only JUST on the wrong side, and he cycles in and says it takes him 45 minutes (it takes me 30 from where I am, so not a huge difference.)  Plus it's right by the city centre, but just out of the way enough that it's quiet.  (It's 26 Clos Dewi Sant, Cardiff, if you want to have a look on Google)

As you'll see it's a new build, which means it won't be cold and damp in the winter and it won't be stuffy and hot in the summer (like my flat is).  It also means that there won't be constant bumps and thuds from the neighbours (like in my flat).  And Richard (the slug guy) has a car so I'm sure he'd have no problem giving me lifts into work whenever he takes the car.  And it looks really nice inside. And his other housemate is a girl, so I wouldn't be living with all guys.

AND, he said that the room I'd get is actually two small rooms, WITH ITS OWN ENSUITE BATHROOM !!!  So it would almost be like having my own little flat again!!!  He said he's a small double room (room that fits a full-size bed) and a single room (a room like Nanny's little one).  That is for £325/month!!!!!  And he said bills are usually around £125, so I'd be looking at £450 TOTAL which is already less than what I'm paying just for rent here!

As you can probably tell, I'm quite excited.  I'm trying not to be because his housemate could turn around and say he's not moving out, or...or...well any number of possibilities could occur.  But I'm hoping and praying that it does work out because I really think it could be ideal!

I'll keep you all posted, of course.  Just wanted to share.